Information for current volunteers


A message from our manager, Abi Martin


Welcome to St Chad's Sanctuary volunteers team!

St Chad's Sanctuary aims to provide a warm welcome to visitors from all over the world, primarily by providing them with clothing, food, English lessons and other essential items. We meet people when they are facing struggles and challenges; we are privileged to be a part of their journey through these bewildering times. We have a busy centre which is full of laughter, friendship and hard work! At St Chad's Sanctuary we are blessed with a wonderfully diverse volunteer team who are vital to the success of our work. Each volunteer brings a unique set of skills that they put to good use for the benefit of our service users and friends. We are so grateful to every person who chooses to dedicate their time and talents to our work and thank you for all that you do!

Abi Martin


A message from Fr Timothy Menezes, Chair of Trustees


On behalf of the Trustees of St Chad’s, I would like to thank you as volunteers. The wonderful and life-enhancing work of the Sanctuary could not be fulfilled without your generosity and time. You will know the importance of the story of each person the Sanctuary welcomes and serves. Occasionally you will know the sadness of somebody being relocated and you can be left wondering how their story unfolds. So on behalf of those who sometimes cannot express their gratitude and on behalf of the many kind donors who entrust this important work to you: thank you.

Fr Timothy Menezes


Important information for volunteers

You can find key information for volunteers, including our volunteer agreement and links to our policies on our Volunteer Padlet here. This is a password-protected page. Please ask Brendan if you need a reminder of the password.