Online Fundraising made easy

Three ways to raise money for St Chad's Sanctuary

You can raise money for St Chad's Sanctuary through your online shopping, and it doesn't cost you a penny.

Big retailers such as Tesco, Waitrose, Sports Direct, Boots....and thousands more give a small percentage to your supported charity when you shop with them after coming through the website. Its pretty straight forward and easy to use.

Basically this is what you do.


1. Go this link:         

 2. Sign up

3. Search for and follow St Chad's Sanctuary

4. Search for a retailer and begin shopping




On the Iphone / Ipad App

1. Go the App Store and search for and download the App

2. If you have not already signed up, then sign up.

3. Follow St Chad's Sanctuary

4. Go to a retailer and begin shopping.




You can raise money for St Chad's Sanctuary when selling items on Ebay

When you list an item, you can click the button that says,

'Raise money for Charity'

You can stipulate any percentage of the selling price you like to go to St Chad's Sanctuary

Have a look here EBAY

Once your item has sold and you receive the money, go to your account options, then donation account, and simply donate to St Chad's Sanctuary.

Remember to Gift Aid too, as we can get around 20% more from your donation.